Changing the world…can it start on campus?

Posted on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Des mains et pieds dans l’herbe | Multiple pairs of hands and feet in the grass

During the Winter 2017 term, the Centre received 172 requests for community engagement scholarships. When reviewing the requests, we noticed that quite a few of the recipients are involved with different student associations and clubs. Some students have even created a club or community group to fill a particular need.

Being involved in student clubs and associations has a many advantages for students—meeting new people, supporting a cause they care about, developing new skills or gaining a better understanding the workings of student politics. Here are some of the things students had to say about their experience with such groups on campus.

“Participating with my department’s student association made it possible for me to not only give back to the University community, and in particular to the French-speaking members of the University community, but also to promote the francophonie on campus.”

“I’ve learned a lot about how to foster positive and professional relationships, which has helped me grow personally too.”

“Participating has provided me with so many opportunities to apply what I’ve been learning in class. I’ve improved my professional skills because of it.”

 2015 End-of-Program Survey, 4th year students.

“Even if it’s somewhat time consuming, I’m happy to be involved with my association and contribute to improving student life on campus.”

“I made new friends and learned new ways to get the job done….I learned how important it is to be tactful and diplomatic when dealing with others.”

“Our association aims to help not only students in our program but also community members….We created partnerships with local organizations. As a group, we can help others directly or encourage students to get involved and do the same.”

“My role in our club has helped me develop on a professional level by allowing me to learn how to effectively handle a variety of different situations and take on responsibilities in a professional manner, skills that can be transferred to situations in day-to-day life.”

The Centre encourages students to get involved in their association or in different clubs and has now made it possible for clubs and associations to post their volunteer positions in the Community Engagement Navigator. The Centre also lets registered clubs and associations know about volunteer opportunities that may be of interest to their members and sends them monthly communications.  

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