Aeroplan Charitable Pooling Program

For many community engagement activities undertaken by students, air travel is the most expensive item and often a significant barrier to participation. Through the use of donated Aeroplan Miles, we’re able to help cover air travel expenses for eligible uOttawa students undertaking community engagement activities in communities where air travel is required. Students can use the donated miles only for travel to locations serviced by Aeroplan partners.

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Eligibility criteria:

University of Ottawa students who meet the following criteria can submit an application:

  • be registered in an undergraduate or graduate program in any faculty
  • be eligible to obtain any necessary visas
  • demonstrate that financial assistance is required to cover transportation costs to the community in which the activities will take place
  • be undertaking community engagement or international or community service learning activities that have both a positive impact on the student and the community. Applications from students who will travel for at least three weeks and have an understanding of the local language spoken in the community or have demonstrated efforts in learning it will be looked at more favourably by the selection committee.
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Key dates:

Application deadline: February 28th

Applications can be submitted throughout the year. The selection committee will meet after the deadline and again as needed. Aeroplan Miles will be distributed until there are no Aeroplan Miles left.


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