Aeroplan Charitable Pooling Program

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Thank you for giving wings!

Many thanks to all our donors! With the 2017 Aeroplan Charitable Pooling Program Campaign closing February 1, the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement would like to thank all donors for their generosity. We raised over 330,000 Aeroplan Miles which will be used to help students venture abroad and participate in various volunteer projects. The Centre will be posting updates on the students’ experiences, so be sure to check the website and social media to see the impact of your Aeroplan Miles.

We would also like to sincerely thank Jean-Paul Bédard (BSc ’86), the 2017 Aeroplan Campaign Ambassador, for his support with the uOttawa Alumni.

Thank you again for helping give students the opportunity to make a difference in the world!

Every year, thanks to this Centre, several students have an opportunity to change things for the better by taking part in an enriching volunteer experience. However, students who participate in community engagement programs or experiential learning activities in Canada and around the world often face a significant barrier in the form of travel costs.

That’s why today, I invite you to help these student volunteers fulfill their dreams of making the world a better place by donating your Aeroplan miles! These young people are dedicated to helping the less fortunate around the world, and their truly impressive work makes me even prouder of my alma mater!

Last year’s campaign raised nearly 275,000 miles, which enabled three students to travel to Nicaragua, Ghana and Tanzania to take part in service projects there. Moreover, we will soon be following the adventures of a student who will be volunteering in South Africa.

This year’s campaign, which runs from December 13, 2016 to February 1, 2017, will feature an option that will allow you to automatically donate 2% of your Aeroplan miles as soon as you earn them. Rest assured that your miles will go far!

I urge you to support the next generation of alumni, and to encourage your classmates, friends and neighbours to do the same. Let’s join forces to reach, and surpass, this year’s goal of 350,000 miles!

Wherever life has taken you, I thank you for your generosity.

Jean-Paul Bédard, BSc ’86
Member of the Board of Governors of the University of Ottawa, and of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association
2017 Aeroplan Campaign Ambassador

Give today!

For many community engagement activities undertaken by students, air travel is the most expensive item and often a significant barrier to participation. Through the use of donated Aeroplan Miles, we’re able to help cover air travel expenses for eligible uOttawa students undertaking community engagement activities in communities where air travel is required. Students can use the donated miles only for travel to locations serviced by Aeroplan partners.

Eligibility criteria:

University of Ottawa students who meet the following criteria can submit an application:

  • be registered in an undergraduate or graduate program in any faculty
  • be eligible to obtain any necessary visas
  • demonstrate that financial assistance is required to cover transportation costs to the community in which the activities will take place
  • be undertaking community engagement or international or community service learning activities that fulfill the criteria listed above

Key dates:

Application deadline: February 28th

Applications can be submitted throughout the year. The selection committee will meet after the deadline and again as needed. Aeroplan Miles will be distributed until there are no Aeroplan Miles left.


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