I’m a Community Partner and want to submit a proposal

Group of students and staff at the schoolyard greening project with Enviro Educ-Action at Notre Dame Public School.

Community partners: Project selection guidelines

Each year, the Centre identifies three new projects for the National Capital Region. Projects must have a specific start and end date and physical location. The student team supports a community partner in planning and implementing a project that the partner may not be able to implement without this extra help. Throughout the project planning and implementation stages, students will learn about environmental issues and develop or refine their leadership skills.

Please note that the Centre is looking for a group placement. A group placement is for a group of students and involves a team leader and team members working together to produce deliverables for a community partner. Consult the guidelines (PDF version, 394 KB) if you are interested in proposing a community service group project. The guidelines have more detailed information on program objectives and the types of projects we are looking for. We encourage community partners to contact us if they have an idea they would like to discuss.

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