How to sign up

Groupe d’étudiants prennent un photo avec les employés du Centre pendant le projet « hivergration » | A group of students pose with staff from the Centre for their project

The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement accepts applications for ASB participants and team leaders on an ongoing basis leading up to projects.  Interested students should go into the Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone) and select the project.

Selection criteria

Participants must

  • be registered uOttawa students
  • be willing to participate fully in all program activities, work hard, ask questions and meaningfully contribute during group discussions and activities.

Team leaders

Interested in being a team leader for a group volunteering project offered through the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement?  We offer team leader training to help you prepare for this assignment. You will learn and practice strategies for taking on a leadership role in the context of group volunteering. We will explore topics such as: roles and responsibilities, communication, qualities of a strong leader, time management, consensus building, and resolving conflict.

In addition to meeting participant criteria, the (preferably bilingual) team leader must:

  • demonstrate leadership experience
  • have some experience in facilitating groups
  • have interest and/or experience and skills related to the chosen ASB theme
  • have experience in coordination and logistics
  • have interest and/or experience in project and people management
  • be able to commit to: team leader training prior to the project, preparations (email communication, logistics, etc.) before the reading week, and participating in debriefing and discussing lessons learned after the project 


"The project was very exciting! I had a great time participating and the experience overall was very rewarding, not only the project but also learning a lot about myself as a team leader. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to get involved."

- Azeb Zeru Gebrehiwot, student team leader, Towards a Zero-Waste Campus, ASB 2018 

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