Alum perspective: Natasha Jovanovic, Sociology and Geography

Posted on Monday, May 25, 2020

Natasha Jovanovic next to a Tree Fest Ottawa sign.

Natasha Jovanovic
Bachelor of Sociology

What year did you graduate and what did you study?

I graduated in Summer 2019 and finished with a Bachelor of Sociology with a minor in Geography.

Why did you decide to get involved and volunteer?

I wanted to volunteer to give back to my community and meet new people. I also knew that I wanted to work in the environmental field so I wanted to try and get as much experience as possible before graduating.

Did you volunteer as part of a course or as an extracurricular activity?

My first volunteer placement was part of a course. But after that, I did several placements after that as extracurricular activities.

What were your favorite placements? What were you doing there?

My favourite placements were with the Canadian Wildlife Federation (CWF) and Tree Fest Ottawa (TFO). I helped CWF with their bat conservation program by constructing bat houses with other volunteers. I helped TFO organize a tree festival that raised awareness about the importance of pollinators through a large scale photography exhibit and public consultations.

What have you learned volunteering? What skills have you developed?

I was lucky enough to be the volunteer team lead for both of my favourite placements. I learned valuable leadership and problem-solving skills from coordinating volunteers who all had different schedules. I developed my communication skills throughout the public consultation process with Tree Fest Ottawa. I also developed strong organizational skills by planning various activities for families to participate in at the Tree Festival. 

How have these skills helped you in the job market?

I would not have the great job I do today if it weren’t for the skills I learned and the connections I made during my volunteer placements throughout university. Not only did I make connections in my field of interest, but I constantly rely on the communication, leadership, and organizational skills I developed through volunteering. My experience with Tree Fest Ottawa, in particular, gave me so much hands-on experience that I was able to reference in job interviews. I am positive that I would not have gotten a job so quickly after I graduated if it were not for these meaningful volunteer experiences.

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