Marcel Côté Leadership in Community Service Award

Marcel Côté Award.

This award recognizes an outstanding student who has demonstrated leadership excellence in the development and/or implementation of an ongoing or one-time community service project or program* and has made a significant contribution to the community through his or her leadership and involvement during the academic year.  

In spring 2015, this award was re-named for Marcel Côté, a man with a vision, a builder and a strong advocate of leadership. Read the article about this.

*Community service activities are defined as unpaid work primarily carried out for the benefit of others.


  • uOttawa full-time or part-time student
  • Self-nominations will not be considered

Candidates are evaluated based on the following criteria. They must:

  • Hold a volunteer leadership position with a community partner in planning and implementing community service activities. (This award is also aimed at students in leadership positions in a recognized student organization, club sport or athletic team, who help plan and implement community service activities.)
  • Demonstrate the ability to prepare, motivate and have an impact on other students while implementing community service activities.
  • Project a positive image and presence within his/her team.
  • Demonstrate outstanding leadership, management and organizational skills, and be motivated, enthusiastic, self-reliant, problem solvers, courageous, honest, credible, focused, empower others, inspire a shared vision, etc.
  • Offer a service that meets local or global community needs.
  • Have a positive impact on the University community.
  • Contribute hours of service to the team or organization.
  • Provide a signed letter of recommendation from the organization the student volunteered for.

This award is for service between September 1 and March 31 of the current academic year.

Application process:

Complete the application form (PDF version, 135 KB). Add a letter of recommendation from the organization, group or team that benefited from the community service activities.

Deadline: April 15 of the current year

Prize: $500

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