Become a Community Partner

The Centre collaborates with a wide variety of Community Partners to develop and implement projects that respond to community needs.

New or existing Community Partner? Click to open a session on the Community Engagement Navigator.

The Centre facilitates the recruitment of volunteers through the use of a database to help you find a student. Depending on your needs, we can match you with a single student or a group of students. We work with more than 600 local, national, and international community partners, approximately 300 to 350 each semester.  Placements can be created to be listed on the Navigator, or under one of the Centre initiatives (for example, the Alternative Student Break, TD Environmental Leaders Program, Days of Service, or our Community Service Learning program).

Our community partners include:

  • Non-profit organizations
  • Canadian public, municipal, provincial and federal government offices and services (including public school boards and schools)
  • uOttawa-affiliated faculties, departments, services, centres, student associations and clubs
  • Other universities
  • Select social enterprises

Your Role

The Centre invites its community partners to play multiple roles:

  • Co-educating students: You provide opportunities for students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom in the “real world.” You also co-educate students by challenging them to reflect on their community engagement experiences and to learn more about how they can continue contributing to positive change in the community.
  • Supervising students: You guide students to help them realize their goals, and provide feedback on their performance.
  • You approve students’ volunteer hours online and provide an evaluation of the work completed by uOttawa student volunteers.


The Centre has several awards to recognize students, faculty, alumni, and community partners who have made outstanding contributions in the field of community engagement or service learning. 

Community Engagement Scholarships

Students can apply for funds or scholarships to carry out a community engagement project.

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