How to apply

Annalise Mathers en Tanzanie

Eligibility criteria:

University of Ottawa students who meet the following criteria can submit an application:

  • be registered in an undergraduate or graduate program in any faculty
  • be eligible to obtain any necessary visas
  • demonstrate that financial assistance is required to cover transportation costs to the community in which the activities will take place
  • be undertaking community engagement or international or community service learning activities that have both a positive impact on the student and the community. Applications from students who will travel for at least three weeks and have an understanding of the local language spoken in the community or have demonstrated efforts in learning it will be looked at more favourably by the selection committee.

A complete application consists of:

  • a fully completed application form
  • proof that the student is registered at the University of Ottawa (e.g. transcript)
  • a letter of recommendation or support from a professor of a recognized post-secondary institution who taught you attesting to your ability to undertake the community engagement or community service learning activities, and to your ability to integrate into the community in which the community engagement or community service learning activities will take place. If this is your own community service project, kindly provide a letter from your community partner or a representative from the community commenting on your role in the project. If one or the other letter is not included in your application, it will be rejected.
  • a copy of your Co-Curricular Record is welcome

Email your application to the Aeroplan selection committee. Indicate “AEROPLAN CHARITABLE POOLING PROGRAM” in the subject line.

Your professor or community partner must email your letter of recommendation directly to the Centre. Indicate “AEROPLAN CHARITABLE POOLING PROGRAM” in the subject line.

Requirements if selected:

Successful applicants must:

  • attend the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement international pre-departure training and post-service debriefing, if they do not have already access to such training
  • submit a 200-word summary and a photo to the Centre to be posted on the Aeroplan website
  • as appropriate, assist with next year’s campaign if it is taking place.
  • sign the release of liability, waiver of claims, assumptions of risks, authorization and indemnity agreement.
  • keep the initial travel itinerary. Once the airplane ticket is issued, the Centre will not request further changes to Aeroplan.
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