Alex Trebek Innovation and Challenge Fund

The Alex Trebek Innovation and Challenge Fund seeks to identify, develop and apply promising approaches to pressing social and development issues in Canada and around the world. The Fund will encourage advancement in all sectors that have an impact on the ability of people to live healthy and productive lives. It will also be available to support participatory action research in conjunction with new and existing Community Partners.

Applications to the Alex Trebek Innovation and Challenge Fund will be evaluated on community-identified needs, quality of planning and implementation, sustainability, expected results, impact on community as well as innovation and scalability.

Note: The project cannot be implemented in a country where the Government of Canada has issued an “avoid non-essential travel” advisory.

Financial awards : Between $1,000 and $15,000 is available for each initiative.*

Eligible expenses**: travel costs, incremental costs for additional community engagement activities as part of an existing project, startup cost of new projects or establishment of a new approach

*The value of the financial award depends on the funds available as well as the scope, duration and budget of the project. Multiple-year projects are admissible, but the funding for the second year is not released until the required report has been submitted.

*The Fund does not pay to attend or organize a conference.

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