The Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement offers various ways to get involved and make a difference.

The Centre has a number of initiatives that you can choose from or you can browse opportunities on the community engagement navigator (via uOzone) to view current opportunities available on- or off-campus. To get our weekly newsletters during the academic year or monthly during the summer, please email us!

View the video to see how to apply.

If you have previously participated in a volunteer activity and have logged your volunteer hours on the Community Engagement (CE) Navigator which have been approved by your supervisor, you can print from home or request your Co-Curricular Record. 

If you are already volunteering, or have previously participated in a volunteer activity but have not logged your hours on our CE Navigator, you can fill out a Placement Proposed By Student Form to get your hours recognized and included in your CCR. Please refer to the web page “Get Your Co-Curricular Record”.

View the video to see how to enter your volunteer hours. 

Use your CCR to give yourself a leg up when applying for jobs or for graduate school. Come talk to us about how you can start your CCR, or how to use it when applying for jobs.

Students can also nominate their professors, community partners or alumni for an award.

You don't know how to decide? Consult our continuum of engagement options (PDF version, 243KB). Volunteer Canada also developed a list of questions to ask yourself before starting.  Consult our page  "Questions to ask yourself".

Follow us on Twitter (@uOVolunteer) or like us on our Facebook page to hear about the latest opportunities.

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