Volunteer to Help Flood Relief Efforts

Une avenue résidentielle inondé à Gatineau (QC) | A flooded residential street in Gatineau, QC

Photo credit: Sylvain Marier

The Ottawa-Gatineau area has been greatly affected by the spring flood since May 6th. Officials say they are planning for four-weeks for the time it will take to restore communities affected by the floods. Cities expect it will take several weeks for the river to recede to the original shoreline. Cities and residents now need help to re-establish the situation. Here are the initiatives in place:

City of Gatineau:

City of Gatineau is preparing The Great Solidarity Clean-up, which will involve many volunteers. Volunteers aged 16 and over will be needed to pick up sandbags from the streets. Before confirming details of this chore, water will have to withdraw completely from the streets.

City of Ottawa:
Register as a volunteer to help the City’s flood relief efforts


Clarence-Rockland: The City of Clarence-Rockland now has a list of items and services available to flood victims.

Financial Donation: Canadian Red Cross Spring Floods Appeal and at 1-800-418-1111

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