Current Projects

Sustainable development: Towards a zero-waste campus (uOttawa Office of Campus Sustainability)

By participating in this ASB placement, you’ll be helping the Office of Campus Sustainability (OCS) determine how uOttawa can become a zero-waste campus. A zero-waste campus is one where we produce only things that are recyclable or reusable and we recycle or reuse everything else. You’ll therefore be doing an in-depth analysis of the materials that are placed in the waste and recycling bins. The purpose of the analysis is to collect information on whether people are sorting properly, what they’re sorting properly and not sorting properly and to discover the reasons for their actions.

This fast-paced, intensive placement will provide you with the opportunity to broaden your knowledge of waste and consumption problems and reflect on solutions. You will not only gain hands-on experience but also have the chance to learn from and work directly with the very knowledgeable and experienced OCS team.

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