Community Service Learning

Join the students, professors and Community Partners who make the uOttawa's Community Service Learning (CSL) Program a success throughout the year.

Community Service Learning (CSL) is an academic program and form of experiential learning where students contribute to their community by participating in professor-approved community service placements related to course learning objectives and then produce corresponding reflective assignments. Students complete 30 hours of service learning for fall and winter courses, and 20 hours for summer courses. Take a look at this inspiring video.

If you are interested in participating or registering your course with the program, please contact us.

What are the benefits of participating in CSL?

For students
  • Develops skills and broadens knowledge (critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, communication)
  • Increases understanding of concepts learned in class
  • Applies theory to real-life situations
  • Enhances social awareness and responsibility.
For professors
  • Incorporates theory taught in class with the practice available in the community
  • Encourages students to be more engaged in class
  • Pedagogy proven to enhance student experience and further learning
  • Creates partnerships with community organizations that could potentially lead to collaborative initiatives
For community partners
  • Provides organizations with the knowledge and skills that students have gained through their university studies
  • Provides additional human resources, which in turn can increase services and accomplish goals that may otherwise not have been possible


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