CSL Calendar and List of courses offering CSL

Groupe d’étudiants avec Alex Trebek | Group of students with Alex Trebek
Course Registration Deadlines for uOttawa Professors for the CSL Program:
  • For Fall courses: June 20
  • For Winter courses: November 1
  • For Spring / Summer courses: March 20

To register a new CSL course offering, or to re-post a course you previously registered for CSL on the Navigator, please refer to the Quick Reference Sheet for CSL professors, available on our CSL Resources for Professors web page.



Spring 2018

Fall 2018 

Registration Period Students: Please see Student Reference Sheet distributed in class for specific registration dates. You should contact your placement supervisor shortly after selecting your placement.

Community Partners: Community Service Learning registration period takes place from September 11 to September 20.
September 21 Placement supervisors must have replied to student's introduction email or call. If a student has not heard from their supervisor, following their initial email or call should contact the Centre immediately.
September 30 Students submitting a Placement Proposed by Student form (PPBS) must: 1) hand in their completed PPBS form to the Centre and 2) ensure that the organization has signed the Centre’s CSL Agreement before 4:30PM.
December 5 Students must have entered their hours in their CE Navigator Timesheet.
December 7 CP Supervisors must have approved hours and completed evaluations for their student volunteers on the Community Engagement Navigator.

*Note to students: Please encourage your supervisor to approve any outstanding hours and to complete the student evaluation online. If your supervisor has not completed your evaluation or approved your hours by December 7, contact the Centre immediately and we will try to reach your supervisor.

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