Days of Service

Days of Service projects are one-day or less volunteer opportunities where a group of uOttawa students engage in a hands-on project in response to a need of a local community partner.

Days of Service projects bring together groups of uOttawa students for an enjoyable and rewarding volunteer experience.  These projects are an ideal opportunity to get engaged in the community, meet other uOttawa students, and explore what volunteering is all about. Each of the Days of Service projects is led by a team leader. This student is responsible for getting in touch with the members of the group and arranging a place to meet on campus. On the day of the activity, all team members travel to the project site together.

Why choose Days of Service?

Consider a Day of Service if…
  • You’re a student on the go! Days of Service are designed to be fun, one-day projects that allow students to give their time in a meaningful way, without the commitment of a regular volunteer schedule;
  • You’re a new uOttawa student and are looking for a fun and social way to connect with others in the National Capital Region;
  • You’re among a group of uOttawa students searching for a hands-on team-building exercise. Days of Service projects are great for groups of students interested in a short-term community engagement activity.
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