Extracurricular Volunteering

There are a variety of ways the campus community can get involved in community engagement activities. These consist of local and international volunteering opportunities, including Community Service Learning (CSL), an experiential learning program integrated into academic courses.

For a listing of year-round Extracurricular Volunteer opportunities, both on and off-campus, students can log into our Community Engagement Navigator through uoZone.

Watch the video on how to apply for an Extracurricular Volunteering.

Download the Quick Reference Sheet (PDF version, 462 KB) for students for Extracurricular Volunteering

If you have previously participated in a volunteer activity and have logged your volunteer hours on the Community Engagement (CE) Navigator which have been approved by your supervisor, you can print from home or request your Co-Curricular Record. 

If you are already volunteering, or have previously participated in a volunteer activity but have not logged your hours on our CE Navigator, you can fill out a Placement Proposed By Student Form to get your hours recognized and included in your CCR. Please refer to the web page “How to Start your CCR”.

Watch the video no how to enter your volunteer hours.

Use your CCR to give yourself a leg up when applying for jobs or for graduate school.  Come and talk to us on how you can start your CCR or how to use it when applying for jobs.

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