Extracurricular Volunteering

Extracurricular Volunteering (EV) placements are completed on the students’ own time, and are not for a course. Volunteer opportunities, on- and off-campus, are posted year-round and time commitments vary from one day to several months, depending on the Community Partner's needs.

The Centre also offers additional EV opportunities, including group opportunities, such as the Alternative Student Break, TD Environmental Leaders Program and Days of Service.

Available placements are posted on the Community Engagement Navigator, accessible in the Applications section, via uOzone.

View the Student Reference Sheet to find out how to:

  1. Register to a placement
  2. Fill out your timesheet
  3. Get your Co-Curricular Record
  4. FAQ – Questions & Answers

If you have found your own placement or if you have taken part in a volunteer activity that did not already exist on our Navigator, you can fill out and send the completed Placement Proposed By Student (PPBS) form by email or drop it off in person at our Centre. We will contact you once your placement is registered so that you can enter your hours and have them approved by your Placement Supervisor.

Please note, if you are submitting a placement retroactively (i.e. a placement that was completed in the past), the Centre will only accept and recognize hours for EV placements that have taken place during the current academic year (the academic year is from Summer to Winter). Any application submitted after April 30th will be refused, unless it is for a placement that will be done in the new academic year.

Once your placement is complete, and all your volunteering hours have been entered and approved by your supervisor, you will be able to request your Co-curricular record (CCR). The CCR is an official document from the University of Ottawa that documents all registered volunteering hours completed on campus and in the community. This document is cumulative and directly reflects the amount of hours approved on your timesheet in the Navigator.

Helpful video tutorials:

Watch the video on how to apply for an Extracurricular Volunteering.

Watch the video no how to enter your volunteer hours.

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