I live in residence: How to get involved

A group of students from residence at their project with the Ottawa Food Bank.

If you are a student living in residence…

We would love to help you connect with other students and match you with interesting volunteer opportunities to meet people, build skills, and get to know your new neighbourhood. Do you have any ideas? Great! We would love to hear from you; drop by TBT 304 or send us an email.

Here are some ways you could get involved:

  • Sign up for a volunteering opportunity in the Community Engagement Navigator and log your hours so that they count towards your Co-Curricular Record
  • Join the Centre’s Outreach Agents team and use your leadership skills to share information and resources with others in your building and help your co-residents get involved. As an outreach agent in residences, you can help spread the word about ways students can get involved. Hours you spend helping us in this regard can be included in your CCR. Your tasks include: 
    • Act as a resource for other students who have questions or need help with the Community Engagement Navigator. We would provide a basic training and share with you information as it becomes available.
    • Increase awareness of the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement among first-year students (even if they choose not to get involved during their first year, they’ll know what’s available for the rest of their time at university).    
    • Act as ambassadors to promote community engagement, building momentum for students in residence
    • If appropriate, organize tables or events to raise awareness about the Co-Curricular Record or to inform students about volunteering opportunities on and off campus.

If this position is of interest to you, contact us. Please indicate in your email for which residence you would like to help.

  • Start your own volunteering initiative. Do you need help getting in touch with a community organization, either on- or off-campus? Did you know there is a fund for students living in residence who would like to start a community engagement project but need some seed capital to make it happen?
  • If you live in Friel residence, get involved in some of your residence’s Living Learning Community (LLC) events!

If you are a Community Advisor (CA)…

  • We can help you add volunteering to your programming. Contact us to find out more about upcoming Days of Service or to discuss an idea.
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