I’m a Community Partner and want to submit a proposal

Group of students and staff at the schoolyard greening project with Enviro Educ-Action at Notre Dame Public School.

Community partners: Project selection guidelines

Each year, the Centre identifies three new projects for the National Capital Region. Projects must have a specific start and end date and physical location. The student team supports a community partner in planning and implementing a project that the partner may not be able to implement without this extra help. 

Please note that the Centre is looking for a group placement. A group placement is for a group of students and involves a team leader and team members working together to produce deliverables for a community partner. 

What to include in your proposal: 

  1. A description of the community environmental need/issue and how will the project address it. How will it support or advance other projects by you or by other organizations?  How will the project be maintained over time?
    1. If a community garden or some sort of physical structure is being built, who will care for it?
  2. Description of specific role(s) of uOttawa students in the project, along with the size of the group that is sought; if there is a specific profile of student (i.e. student with biology experience, student who can analyse data, etc.) please specify:
    1. Projects that incorporate 6-10 students are prioritized over those that require smaller groups
    2. What opportunities will students have to strengthen leadership skills?  What will they learn about environmental issues?
    3. Projects should allow students to take on project management roles with guidance and structure
  3. A project timeline (start dates, end dates, sequencing of activities, expected number of hours required for each student)
    1. Most projects require 30 hours per student in total.  Consider exam periods and reading week in your timeline as students may or may not be available..
  4. Description of how your organization, the community, and the students will be involved.  If there are specific people who have expertise with regard to the pieces of the project in your organization or in the community with whom the students will be working, please identify them.  Mentioning your organization’s capacity to manage the group of students, as well as what type of supervision and infrastructure will be provided to students during the project is useful.
    1. Managing a group of students does take an investment on the part of the community partner.  Generally, the more guidance, support and feedback you provide along the way, the more the final deliverable will meet your expectations. 
  5. What are the expected end results of the projects and how will they be measured/how will we know we achieved the objectives?  What will the impact be and how many direct/indirect beneficiaries do you expect to reach?
  6. Budget description for goods, services and items required to plan and conduct activities that are project-related and specifically required for the delivery of the project.  You can group costs into categories like project materials, student transportation, orientation and debriefing, community event, etc. 
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