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Ongoing and Upcoming Projects – 2021

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Bird Safe Campus -
Safe Wings (Ottawa Field Naturalist Club)

(Winter – Spring/Summer 2021)

This Winter 2021, a group of 5 student volunteers are collaborating with the Office of Campus Sustainability to conduct research and produce a report on how to increase bird biodiversity and environmental sustainability on campus. As part of the report, students will provide recommendations for future landscaping and tree planting designs as well as effective measures to reduce bird collisions such as the design and creation of an artistic mural, to be installed on the glass surface of an existing structure on campus. Safe Wings Ottawa is now recruiting volunteers to help execute the second phase of the project taking place this Spring. For this portion of the project, volunteers will need to help trace the preconceived artistic mural onto a priority glass surface on the University of Ottawa campus.

“TDEL Mural Installation Volunteer – Bird Safe Campus “

Application deadline: April 30th, 2021

Project dates: January 2021 to May 2021

Volunteer placement number on the Community Engagement Navigator (via uoZone): #26 (Summer 2021)

Community garden

Strathcona Heights Gathering Gardens –
In collaboration with the Office of Campus Sustainability, Sandy Hill Community Health Centre and Ottawa Community Housing

(Winter – Spring/Summer 2021)

A group of 5 students will help Strathcona Heights, a community garden located near Lees, achieve the goal of becoming a healthy food provider, a therapeutic gardening resource and offer community education on crop production and meal preparation. Students will be involved in research, outreach, planting, maintaining the gardens and harvesting produce for distribution at the community food bank. No prior experience in community gardening is required!

‘’Volunteer researcher and gardener: Strathcona Heights Community Garden’’

Application deadline:

  • Summer 2021: April 30th
  • Fall 2021: August 31st

Project dates: January 2021-December 2021

Volunteer placement: TBD


Credit: Haynes Miller

Study of the Behaviour of Sand Wasps (Bicyrtes quadrifasciatus) in the Pinhey Sand Dunes -
Biodiversity Conservancy International

(Summer 2021)

Biodiversity Conservancy International (BCI) is looking for a group of 10 student volunteers to participate in the study of sand wasps in the Pinhey Sand Dunes. Under the guidance of a BCI scientist, volunteers will be studying the behaviours of the Sand Wasps, participating in the restoration of the Dunes while engaging the community through new findings. Through this study, BCI is hoping to engage the public by raising awareness and giving the community a better understanding and appreciation of the unique sand dune habitat, biodiversity and ecosystem. If approved, the findings will be presented in a scientific article, published in the international, scientific journal, Biodiversity, where participating students will be credited as coauthors.

‘‘Volunteer Researcher for the study of the Behaviour of Sand Wasps in the Pinhey Sand Dunes’’

Application deadline: June 18th

Project dates: July to August 2021

Volunteer placement number on the Community Engagement Navigator: #11 (Summer 2021)

Team Leader Placement:#14 (Summer 2021)

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